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  Our Programs  

Parent and Child
  Infant Program is only available at Diamond Bar School  

At Towne and Country we take pride in providing every infant with a "Home away from home". Cuddling, hugging, singing to, rocking, and holding are a big part of our bonding with the infants. Trained, experienced, caring, care givers provide a warm and secure environment in which the infants are encouraged to learn, develop and grow in their own unique way. We tune into the infants' needs by closely interpreting their moods, physical demeanor, and cries. 

In our infant room we have:

  • Small teacher/infant ratio.

  • Personal Care Plan for each infant, provided by the parents, to ensure continuity of the home routine.

  • Daily record of the infant's day. Quantity and time of meals, time and duration of naps, diapering, and other significant facts are documented for the parent.

  • Lots of equipment and space where infants can develop their large motor skills, - crawl, sit, play, and walk.

  • Colorful environment, educational toys, and manipulative, to enhance brain development, small motor skills and sensory abilities. Infants are encouraged to look, listen, touch, reach, grasp, pound, hold, push

  • Books: Music and Movement

  • A quiet area with cribs for napping

  • Separate areas for diapering, away from the play area and feeding area

  • Constant sanitation and disinfecting of infant environment and toys.

  • Seperate room for older infants

    Typical activities in an infant's day

    Goals and objectives

Group Coloring
  Preschool Program    

We view each student as a unique individual, who brings his/her own distinctive experience and prior knowledge to our school. Our goal is to build on this, so that each child acquires new knowledge. Students will:

  • Advance in reading, writing, language skills, mathematics, science, social studies and computers, using PROVEN methods

  • Learn to value a wide variety of fictional and non-fictional books

  • Develop creativity, curiosity, and self-esteem

  • Use music and rhythm, dramatic play, and creative art as vehicles of self expression

  • Strengthen and refine small and large motor skills

  • Acquire social skills and learn to be responsible, share, resolve conflicts, develop spoken language and leadership

  • Gain Self Control.

  • Grow in own cultural identity and appreciation of other cultures

  • Perform in Annual Holiday Presentation

  • Celebrate Special Days

  Preschool Goals and Objectives   
Preschool -
2 years old

Developing a positive self image and creativity, a wholesome attitude towards one's body and a good start towards reaching one's potential...

Preschool -
3 years old

Developing the ability to translate personal thoughts, recall events, and articulate these into sentences...

Developing the curiosity necessary to wonder why, what, when and where through basic hands-on science projects and activities...

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