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Preschool -
2 years old

Developing a positive self image and creativity, a wholesome attitude towards one's body and a good start towards reaching one's potential...

Preschool -
3 years old

Developing the ability to translate personal thoughts, recall events, and articulate these into sentences...

Preschool -

Developing the curiosity necessary to wonder why, what, when and where through basic hands-on science projects and activities...

  Pre-K Goals and Objectives  

Language Arts

  • Continued development in skills of recognition and writing of upper and lower case alphabet

  • Learning the letter sounds (phonics)

  • Developing the ability to read simple books phonetically

  • Recognition of basic words on sight

  • Writing one's name in upper and lower case
    Understanding the calendar

  • Developing vocabulary, listening skills, attention span, and appreciation of books

  • Developing the ability to translate personal thoughts, recall events, and articulate these into sentences

  • Continued growth in understanding the concepts of likeness and difference, opposites, and "before and after"



  • Recognition and writing of numerals l-100

  • Developing basic math concepts such as patterning, sorting, matching, classifying, greater and less than, and setting of values

  • Continued understanding of comparison of values of pennies, nickels and dimes

  • Continued understanding of comparison of sizes, shapes and quantity

  • Telling time on the hour

  • Ability to perform simple additions and subtractions


Socio-emotional Development

  • Developing a positive self image and creativity

  • Developing the ability to assume responsibility and work independently

  • Learning to interact, share, and cooperate with a peer group

  • Learning to identify feelings in oneself and others

  • Developing an awareness of oneself as a family member, as a part of a wider world, and one's important place in them

  • Developing concepts of good citizenship and a value system


Fine Motor Development

  • Developing small& muscle control and writing skills (through writing, coloring, cutting, manipulative play and puzzles)

  • Increasing skills connected with daily practical experiences (such as dressing, buttoning, tying, and pouring liquid from small pitcher or cup)



  • Developing the curiosity necessary to wonder why, what, when, where, and how, through hands on projects

  • Developing an awareness of basic scientific concepts, and facts related to nutrition and health

  • Learning to measure solids and liquids. Observe changes in matter

  • Fostering the understanding of ecology and our natural resources

  • Learning about our bodies organs and functions


Art as a Means of Self Expression

  • Working with art materials to:

  1.  express feelings and ideas

  2.  develop creativity and imagination

  3.  foster an appreciation for the various art forms


  • Developing a sense of rhythm, auditory memory and auditory sequence used in instruments and song


Gross Motor Development

  • Fostering the ability to run, gallop, jump, hop, skip, and throw through participation in individual and group games, skills and playground activities

  • Developing balance, coordination and self expression by involvement in musical exercises and games

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